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Would you like to get involved?

Our Orientation Program  aims to promote the exchange of professional and educational knowledge between students, recent graduates  and experienced professionals within the same field of study. Our mentors will share their knowledge, skills and experience to help interested young people complement their  personal and professional development.

Studying Together

Want to be a Mentor?

We believe that the best way to  our initiatives to be successful is with the active participation of the community. It is  it's an easy and efficient way to contribute to the great work we do at ODOAP4ALL. Fill out the form provided on this page to join our list of mentors.

Do you need a mentor?

do you want  join our mentoring program but don't know where to start or how we can support you? Don't worry, we're here to answer any questions you may have and help you reach your potential.  Goes into  Contact us today for more details on how  we can support your academic or professional dreams and goals.
fill  the form provided on this page to receive more information.

High Fives

"We rise by lifting others"

Robert Ingersoll

Our Mentors

Scheduled for January/2021

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are experienced members of the PALOP community; whose  objective is to provide PALOP youth with  a support space,  judgment-free and impartial on topics related to your professional and/or academic life.

Advisers can select  constant  The  your preference for a mentor who meets your ambitions. 



Mr. Alecio Silva

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