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Mr. Alecio Silva

Alecio is a professional DT from Guinea-Bissau who graduated from the University of Westminster in the UK, London with a Bachelor's degree  in Business Information Systems. Alecio currently works at GE Healthcare where, in addition to managing complex IT initiatives, he is also an active member of the Global African Affinity Forum (AAF). Outside of work, Alecio enjoys playing and watching football, traveling and volunteering.

Alecio has lived and worked in over 8 countries, from Bangalore, India, to California, USA. During his time traveling the world, he learned not only to appreciate different cultures and business practices, but also how networking, coaching and mentoring can help shape a person's career. He is therefore interested in sharing his own life experience, including professional challenges and achievements, to help pupils discover, manage and ultimately reach their full potential.


Digital technology, corporate finance, business development


Portuguese, English, French

Mentors: Team Members
Mentors: Team Members


Mrs. Ilsa Sa

Ilsa is a Mandela Washington Alumna and joined the liaison office of the US Embassy in Bissau in 2017 as a political assistant. Ilsa Sá is of origin  Guinean.  graduated  in International Relations and with a Master's (MSc) in International Cooperation and Development Studies from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. Ilsa has 5 years of experience as a Project Assistant and Program Manager for Development Projects with Civil Society organizations in Guinea-Bissau in the areas of Food Security, Youth and Civic Leadership, Economic and Social Development, Biodiversity Conservation and Election Monitoring. . Ilsa is a member of the National Food Security Network (RESSAN-GB) and co-founder of the Amílcar Cabral Center for Social Studies (CESAC).


Food Security, Youth and Civic Leadership

LANGUAGES: Portuguese and English



Mr. Idizinho Vaz

Graduated in Economics from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, United States. Mr. Vaz started his career at Bank of  America and is currently a financial advisor to NYLIFE Securities, a subsidiary of New York Life.

Mr. Vaz has spent most of his career in the financial services industry, gaining experience in areas such as banking and investing. While financial planning is his primary role, he also enjoys giving back to the community. He spent considerable time doing this in different governmental and non-profit organizations.

He decided to join ODOAP as a mentor because he shares their values and truly believes it is our responsibility to ensure that other immigrants, especially younger ones, have the support and tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.


Economy, banking, finance and investments

LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English and Spanish

Mentors: Team Members
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