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Alfa Djalo

President & CEO

Alfa Djaló is the founder of ODOAP. The same outlined this project in the context of supporting the PALOP community in its capacity as a man and sense of duty  for with the same.

The Alpha Djalo  graduated in  sociology and  policy and completed  The  Master of Arts  in  Relations  international.  Professionally worked with non-governmental organizations such as Chance UK  and Clapton Drop-in, where he devoted much of his  time to contribute to the well-being of the community.

Today  is focused on transferring  your experience  and knowledge to safeguard the  community needs  PALOP and develop  social justice projects in  community. 

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team

Mrs. Aissato Djaló

Vice president

Aissato Djaló has extensive experience in the area of Administration in prestigious institutions in Lisbon and London.

She was a member of the Women's Movement in Lisbon, where she dedicated herself to the area of Counseling  and empowerment of women.  specifically in  causes of Female Genital Mutilation, also participating as a speaker and coordinator of several conferences. She was involved in training activities for Domestic, Gender and FGM Violence.

She is a woman who fights for the defense of women's rights and gender equality. IT'S  licensed  in Global Policies  and International Relations  and wants to contribute with his knowledge in this project to better serve the community.

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team

Mrs. Alcídia Brito


Alcídia Brito has a degree in Accounting and Finance and is registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK and works for the company Innocent Drinks as an Analytical Accountant.

The reason you volunteer for ODOAP  it is because she is passionate about the cause and intends to help and guide the initiative forward.

  Its responsibility is to maintain an overview of ODOAP affairs, safeguarding its financial viability,  ensuring  procedures and financial records thereof.  It is responsible for  ensure that the organization's financial accounts are prepared in a proper format, and in compliance with legal and Charity Commission requirements.

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team

Mrs. Dalila Da Silva Lopes

External Relations Director

Dalila Lopes has a degree in Politics  and International Relations and recently completed a Masters in International Security at the University of Warwick, UK. His degree thesis is on “Mass Incarceration, Race and the Criminal Justice System”  and the Master's thesis on “Climate Change and Security”.

He is passionate about exchanging knowledge and being able to help young people achieve their goals.

He is currently attending the following courses: Terrorism and Combating Terrorism at Georgetown University; Humanitarian Response to Conflicts by Harvard University and Economic Development  by the University of Oxford. in the future  intends to obtain a doctorate in Psychology and work academically.

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team

Mrs. Liliana Gomes

director of  operations

Liliana Gomes works in the area of  Mental health  and there are three  years of experience helping to develop qualities in individuals so that they can live independently and in community.  She is passionate about justice and social inclusion and that is why she is linked to this project.

the same is  certified  in Violence against women and girls and is someone who campaigns  against gender violence. is licensed in  technologies  of Information and Communication and in International Development.

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team

Mrs. Natalia  Gomes

Communications Director

  Natália Gomes has always dedicated part of her time, through volunteering and professionally, to social projects such as the “Programa Escolhas”, in which the mission is to promote the social inclusion of young people from vulnerable socio-economic contexts. He was part of the Ubuntu Academy Project, a Leadership and Social Entrepreneurs course for young people who were already promoting model work in their community.

She was also invited to participate in the United Nations Summer School (UNAOC) for young people with a leadership role in their community. She has a degree in Leisure Management and Tourist Entertainment. Natalia believes it is crucial to empower our youth and advocate  for your dreams and ideals.

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team

Mr. Dry Djau

Director of Operations (Peterborough)

Seco Djau is licensed  in Business Management.

Professionally he works in logistics, in addition to volunteering with the Peterborough Youth Offenses Service (YOS) as a panelist. THE  his role at YOS is to work as a mentor so that these young people aged between 10 and 17 do not become involved in crime again.

With some experience supporting the PALOP community in Peterborough  face to your needs, the same would like to convey  their experience and knowledge of life to support the youth of the PALOP community.

Board of Trustees: Meet the Team
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